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Fuel cards and Logbook

Low price insurance

Factoring 2%

Ifta for 4 or more weeks

Drug test

Stickers free

Average gross $ 6660

Annual 2% cashback

Weekly routes for you

It seems anxiously hard

to change the company that dispatch your truck

We provide a guarantee of your earnings under the contract and in case you are dissapointed, we will refund your money immediately!
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the recruitment has
been ending for 2 days

We lack 29 truck drivers with no MC to provide uninterrupted delivery
for our regular customers next months

7 of Dry Vans 3 left
4 of Reefers 2 left
5 of Flatbeds 2 left
7 of Stepdesks 4 left
3 of Car Haulers 1 left
3 of Power Only 0 left

Do you have the same problems ?

  • Bad gross?
  • Little freight?
  • Dispatchers say no freight for you?
  • Always no connection with dispatcher?
  • Problems on road?

So join us. We have professionals with 10 years experience and a good gross.

Miles traveled with cargo
101$ millions
Earned our customers
34 thousand
Shipments accepted and delivered
200 trucks
Are served daily

Our Services

Transportation, safety, factoring and brokerage operations.


There are container ships, reefer, car hauler, dry van, flatbeed, step deck and euro-trucks at a disposal of our company, which allows us to carry different goods. Thanks to the systematized methods and techniques, the organization of cargo delivery takes place as soon as possible. Competently performed logistic work provides safety and security of the cargo, while keeping a balance of profitability for both parties.


For our clients, we provide a full package of services:


  • Completing the report and covering needed taxes on a quarterly basis.


  • Arranging permits on demand for overweight/ oversized loads.


  • Administration


Our factoring partners are ready to help you with urgent money, which needed for development of your business. You can be confident in the quality and reliability of the service because we cooperate with an official factoring company “Trucktops”. Besides of this, we are ready to help you in developing your business by leasing various equipment at obtainable prices.



Billing for Factoring


Our target is to provide safety and security of the entrusted to us cargo to the destination place. In jbcarrier work reliable specialists, who will provide you a high-quality transportation and brokering of your cargo. There are more than 200 units of cargo shipping at our disposal and our target is to make our services better and more obtainable.


Imagine an ideal business partner who will provide you with all what you need, provide an excellent result of work and offer
competent ready-made solutions.

  • 1 jbcarrier company will help you to develop and make better your business.
  • 2 We will help you find experienced drivers for the transport of goods on your truck.
  • 3 If you want to expand your business, we can provide you with a leasing transport at an obtainable price.
  • 4 Partnership with us will guarantee you safety and support from our company.


  • Do I need my own Motor Carrier Authority?

    No, with JB Carrier you will work under our MC Authority.

  • How do I get paid?

    That depends on the mode you are running under. Usually you get paid once a week.

  • Do you have a broker license?

    No, we do not have a broker license. We book loads for you under our authority.
    By doing so, we cannot “cut” your rates as some dispatch-broker companies do!

  • For what type of trailer can you book freight?

    Dry van freight is our specialty. However, we also work with reefer and flatbed carriers.

  • I have found a dispatcher who charges less. Can you lower your fees?

    No. We believe that anyone who is charging less will have to run more trucks to sustain their business, which in return will degrade service quality and lower rates booked for carrier. We have a rule of "no more than 5 trucks per dispatcher" in order to insure our client is getting highest available rates on the market. And by doing so, we basically make our service much more affordable than competition.

  • How long it takes to get set up?

    If you provide all necessary documents, within 2-4 days.

  • How long do I have to stay on the road?

    We would like you to work at least 5 days a week. However, it is totally discussable.

  • What rates can I get?

    Average rate for loaded mile in 2019 is $2 per mile. Our absolute average for loaded and empty is $2 per every mile driven. However, this depends on your time in business, safety rating and numbers of states you are able to run.

  • Can I run local/regional?

    - Yes, as long as you are comfortable running less miles (1000-1800 per week). On the other hand, depending on your location you can average $2.50-$4.00 per every mile running short distance.

  • What kind of freight can you book for me to haul?

    We book all kind of freight from watermelons to airplane parts. If you have specific request please let us know.

Enjoy your time,
we do the job for you!